Go With the Flow 2018


Your business floods.

You're out of the country with your family on vacation.

What do you do?

The solution was given in the form of a text from Becky Sutton, our amazing studio manager, "Look the other way, we got it." What a blessing!

The always dependable and hardworking Beth Wolfe and Becky flew into action. Beth's husband happens to be our insurance agent. Claims were filed, clean up started, fans lugged, schedule redone and Ease teachers and clients were informed.  

These are the kinds of events that happen behind the scenes at Ease. Behind the wonderfully thought out classes, gently placed eye pillows and beautifully put together playlists, we help one another and support one another.  

This is not to be taken for granted.

Once I was back home and back at Ease, I saw that the team had things looking pretty good. Everyone knows that Ease is like a fourth child to me, and that it would be difficult for me to see her damaged. It was. However, we lined up the contractors, replaced the flooring and were back in action within days.

Every day I feel immense gratitude for all the fabulous teachers at Ease. This group has trained deeply and truly understands the magical healing wisdom of yoga. Every Ease teacher cares for all who attend their classes and is thankful to be able to hold space for all of us to explore our practice in a safe and playful environment at Ease.  

The card I randomly chose in Bernie Marchand's class last week said, "Go with the Flow, Everything is Smooth Sailing." Nothing could be more fitting as a theme for 2018.

Trust & Allow What Is to be What Is

Thank you to all of our fabulous teachers at Ease, who allow this beautiful vessel to sail smoothly even when the water leaks in. You all are amazing and I am so thankful that Ease has brought us together.