Fill Your Cup

by Tara Casagrande

Welcome back to Ease after a summer of adventures. Recently, Oprah Magazine printed some advice which fully resonated with my soul: "Fill your cup and give to the world the overflow."     

Here's hoping that you have filled your cup in some way this summer.  When you do, you have more to give.   

Many of you may or may not have have noticed my absence from the studio these past few months.  I took some much needed family time and also did some travel. I continued my own practice on our dock up in Northern Ontario and truly enjoyed the view. Some of my yoga up in the Great White North includes not only yoga, but also swimming, sailing, fishing, cooking, eating, and hosting our extended family.   The days are long and unscheduled at our cottage which is so freeing. The pace is just what we all need. I often say that jumping into the cool beautiful spring-fed lake washes away all our worries.

Since my return to Alexandria, Beth and Becky have agreed to take over additional management responsibilities during this next year while I take some time to do some deep inner work. Nine of my female friends and I will be attending several retreats over the course of this next year with our spiritual guide Kourosh Koshani. I am looking forward to the time for introspection and deeper inquiry.  

In the meantime, I will continue teaching the Tuesday and Friday Ease Signature classes at 9:30am, and hope to see you there often. Our amazing teacher Charles Oteyza will take over the Sunday men's yoga class at 8:00am, followed by a 9:30am flow. My Thursday evening class at 6:15pm will be lead by the fabulous Kat Buechel.    

I am also very open to offering one on one private sessions and I hope to see you in classes and workshops that I attend over the course of this year. Please contact me at if interested in private or semi private classes.  

With love,