by Tara Casagrande

Who could have imagined what Ease would become four years after opening our doors to the Del Ray community?

Everyday, our teachers prepare for you in whatever physical, emotional or spiritual state you arrive in. We prepare our playlist and our theme; we set up the room and we greet you with a smile and (if it's okay with you) a hug. We all love our work.  

It was a bold move to open Ease. There are many choices in this area regarding how to move your body and how to spend your time and money. We had a vision for how Ease would look and how it would feel and the amazing part is that it has become so much more.   

These four years have taught us to adapt and change according to what our clients want, to what the universe provides in terms of great teachers, and to what we can take on while still keeping enough energy for ourselves and our families.

 "Namaste" could not be more true at this point in Ease's growth.  It is the light in each and everyone of you that motivates us, helps us to grow as humans, and keeps us showing up as our true and authentic selves.

You, our client yogis,  have shared your worries, fears and joys, along with your poems, artwork, photos of families, kind words, tears, and hugs.  We have received deeply revealing emails and have had soul connections through conversation.

Thank you!

Thank you for showing up!

Thank you for being vulnerable and real!

Thank you for being a part of something we believe the world needs now!

We are humbled. We all feel a deep love for each and every one of you in the Ease community!

Thank you for loving us because we love you!