Pose Spotlight: Side Plank

by Tara Casagrande

Right away, when I thought of my favorite pose, my mind went to savasana.  I love the t-shirt that Beth wears that says "When's Savasana?" That's me for sure.

There are also many strength poses that I enjoy to get me to a great savasana at the end of my practice.  t's actually quite difficult to choose one pose. I love them all in many different ways.

For some reason Side Plank has always felt really good in my body. Making this shape feels fun to me.

I love how we do side plank on both sides. I like to take in the change of view.

I feel incredibly grounded through my hand and through the knife edge of my foot.  

It is a wonderfully strong balance pose.

I love the motion of working to lift my upper leg. I feel my center engage and  I feel my shoulders and arm and wrist working.

My concentration is focused in this pose. I often have to remind myself to breathe here.

I feel like a falling star. I love to feel the levity of my upper arm and leg.

Some days I chose to put my bottom knee down on the ground for extra support if I am not feeling the upper body strength. Part of my practice is accepting that some days I have it and some days I don't.  And that's totally okay!Practice what you preach Tara :)   Be a C student! Yoga strengthens me and humbles me all at the same time.  Isn't that interesting?