If Not Now, When?

"The kindest thing I have ever done for myself."

"Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) at Ease challenged me to the core, it brought me to tears, it filled me with laughter and joy."

"The Ease YTT with Ann has transformed my life and thus the lives of those around me. I marvel each day at what this path has to offer."

"YTT at Ease helps in other areas of my life...it helped me to be more calm and accepting, it also helped me realize how judgmental my outlook was and helped me reduce my tendency to be judgmental."

Thank you to some of the graduates of our Ease 2018-2019 class for sharing their experiences. All of our graduates are remarkable yogis and we are so proud of every single one of them.

Ann Hunt, who leads the training, is the best facilitator ever. Ann worked very closely with Becky's and my teachers (Don and Amba Stapleton) in Costa Rica for many years. Ann holds space for everyone and anyone who shows up. We are so very lucky to have her travel to Ease each month for nine months to lead one of the most thorough, thoughtful, and professional trainings in the area. The experience is very hands on. You will learn by doing. It's so much fun!

Whether you are looking to deepen your practice, to get to know yourself a little better, to become a teacher, or maybe to own a yoga business of your own one day, now is a great time to join our YTT program.
Check out the dates on our website. Send an email to Ann, Becky, or myself. Talk with friends and family to ask for support and let us know how we can help you, too.
There will be one more FREE info session at Ease on Tuesday, August 27th at 5:45pm. We at Ease are happy to answer any questions in the meantime.
If not now, when? This is our theme. There's no time like the present. We have many signed up so far and will allow up to 20 in the program. It changed my life for the better. I hope it does yours.

With love,Tara