Ease Yoga & Cafe: Coming to the Del Ray – Alexandria, VA Community in Spring, 2015!


We each have dreams in our life – whether it is to raise a family, have a meaningful career, run a marathon, or go to the top of a mountain or to the bottom of the sea. My name is Tara, and for me, I have long held the dream of opening a space that focused on whole body wellness, a place that nourished our minds, our bodies, and our spirits. This dream has taken different shapes over the years and now is at last coming to fruition in the form of Ease Yoga Studio & Cafe!

Ease is the first yoga studio and healthy eats cafe all under one roof in all of Alexandria. We are located in a sunlit space at 3051 Mt Vernon Avenue, at the intersection of Mt. Vernon and Commonwealth Avenues in the Del Ray neighborhood. Featured image

The entire community is welcome in our two 600 square foot studios. One studio can be warmed to 85 degrees for yoga in a near-tropical, but not overly hot, setting. We will have classes for both beginners and experienced practitioners as well as classes specifically geared to kids, seniors, and families.


In our cafe and juice bar, we will offer delicious coffees and teas and the Four S’s: healthy Soups, Salads, Sandwiches and Snacks. We will also feature the fresh pressed juices and smoothies of Senzu Juicery. I know you will love Senzu’s delicious Energy blend of carrot, fuji apple, orange, lemon, ginger, and goji berry to help boost your energy and enhance your immune system!

At Ease, you’ll discover that 1 + 1 = 3! Imagine having a great yoga class that stretches your body, mind, and spirit and following that up with a delicious juice, smoothie or salad that nourishes and replenishes you. Or, picture meeting with friends for a noontime class and then sticking around for some good conversation and great food on our beautiful outdoor patio. At Ease, we believe Yoga + Healthy Eating gives us more than just yoga and healthy eating. It gives us a Healthy Community.

By now, we hope you are eager to give Ease a try. We are opening our doors in Spring, 2015. Stay tuned to this space and we will let you know the exact date of our Grand Opening. In the meantime, may all your dreams come to fruition!

We are thrilled to keep you in the loop on studio updates. If you’d like to continue following us along on this journey, be sure to Like us on Facebook for consistent updates and educational information.

Namaste, Tara

3051 Mount Vernon Avenue, Alexandria, VA 22305, USA