Going Into Year Three

By Tara Casagrande

Saturday night we celebrated Ease’s 2nd Birthday. It was a beautiful night out on the patio and many of our loyal clients and a bunch of our hard working teachers intermingled while munching on delicious Alexandria cupcakes and sipping on champagne.

One particular Ease client deeply touched my heart that night. Elin, a young Swedish woman who works as an au pair here in Alexandria, is a participant in the Teen Yoga program. A few months back she entered Ease to purchase our New Client Welcome, attended classes, and soon signed up for the Teen Program.

Elin’s gift to Ease the night of the party was so heartfelt and beautiful.  She gave us a picture of  her home village in Borensberg, Sweden and a beautifully hand written note on natural paper.

Allow me to quote the end of her thoughtful note, in which she shares her joy in finding Ease:

“Thank you for creating this space of creativity, learning, acceptance and relaxation.  It is amazing that you offer yoga for all people: cancer warriors, teens, children, those who seek creativity and to benefit charity, and those who come to relax. Every time I have walked out of the doors of Ease it has been with a smile on my face. Many congratulations, Elin”

For all we do at Ease, nothing excites me more or touches my heart more deeply than when our clients get why Ease exists in this world.  We truly are about healing and putting a smile on your face.  We want to make you feel lighter and to help lessen your worries.

All of us teachers have experienced the magic of the wise, ancient yogis.  We are so excited to share all we have learned with you as we enter into YEAR THREE- YIPEEEE!!!!!!!!

Join us for yoga, come often and, if you are trying to entice a friend to visit Ease for the first time, we have “RANDOM ACT OF YOGA” cards for one free class for a first time visitor.  We would be happy to give you a few! Simply ask a teacher.