Make a Promise, Keep a Promise

By Tara Casagrande

In a meeting this week, a wise friend shared that it is important, when building a brand, to make a promise and keep a promise. This got me thinking. What is the Ease Promise?

A few of us brainstormed and here is what we came up with. At Ease we are:

Non- Judgemental, Welcoming, Encouraging, Non-Competitive, Nurturing, Healing, Community Builders, and we have Something for Everyone

For us, it was  Ease-y to come up with this list. We hope that all of us at Ease are keeping our promise to you, that you feel all of these promises in your body, and that you  feel safe to explore your own unique self and all its amazingness.

This practice of yoga is such an interesting journey. The ancient yogic wisdom is now being proven by science: slow down, breathe, connect mind & body, and listen to the feedback from the body, and wonderful things begin to happen.

There are days when you may want a more gentle practice to restore your energy and to calm your mind, and there are days when you may need to move and breathe and be strong. We offer all of that here at Ease. We have amazing teachers that you can trust and who can hold space for you to explore, learn, and connect.

These promises encapsulate what I strive for in myself each day.

Make your own list of your promises to yourself. Write them down and strive to keep those promises. From this you begin your journey to a loving and intentional life.

With love forever,