Gratitude and Giving


Thanksgiving is around the corner and I'm feeling a sense of deep gratitude.  We just had a great morning at Ease starting with Men’s Yoga, Ease Yoga Fundamentals and the Ease Signature Class. Often times when you (our clients)  walk into Ease we will check in with how you are doing.  This morning, I loved the honesty.  “Not doing great”, “Feeling strong physically but not strong emotionally, isn’t that interesting?", “I’m just happy to be here”. We all arrive and leave in such different states.  

It is almost exactly 6 months since we opened our doors for the Soft Opening of Ease Yoga & Cafe.  Every time a curious individual walks through our doors and asks about yoga or the smoothie and juice menu, I am grateful.  It takes a bit of self determination to walk up those steps, get an idea of what is happening inside our space and then potentially go to our website, sign up for a class and then show up, roll out a mat and trust us teachers to be kind and gentle and also caring as we guide you through your practice.  Thank you for trusting us and for working hard on yourself.


Many of you purchased our Grand Opening Special and then have become Monthly Unlimited Members.  Many others purchased the New Client Welcome and since have gone on to purchase class packages and have even invited friends and neighbors to join as well.  Thanks to you all for spreading the word.

The teachers here at Ease love our work and love when many of you show up to class with honesty and a willingness to work on yourselves. We have seen so many people grow stronger, we have hugged many of you and you have hugged us back.  We have seen tears and shared stories. We have also laughed a lot.  For all of that, we are thankful. We hope we have created a very authentic and safe space to share.

This season, Ease will be asking you to bring in canned items for AFAC, the Arlington Food Assistance Shelter.  We will have a bin delivered Monday, November 9.  It will remain until mid December. Thank you in advance for helping us to fill this bin.  This is a great way for all of us, who feel the interconnection between each other, to be able to give.  Giving to those in need, helps us with our practice off of the mat.  At the end of our collection, we hope to celebrate with a fun Free class to say thank you.

Happy November.  Enjoy the sunshine and the colors.  Breathe the crisper, cooler air deep into your lungs.  Take time for you.  Come to yoga as often as you can.  And know that we at Ease, cherish each and everyone one of you.  And to those soon to experience Ease, come join us soon.  We look forward to sharing openly and honestly with you in a space that nurtures you and allow you be yourself.

Many thanks and Namaste.


(Ease founder)

Ease Breeze


It’s a beautiful afternoon and the breeze is whisking across the patio at Ease. It is so nice to work here outside in the shade. I have been meaning to write this blog post for a while and now I finally have some time to sit and reflect. These first months here at Ease have been like a dream come true. We have met so many amazingly wonderful people. I have taken many of the classes that our experienced teachers offer and feel very good about the high quality of our teachers and classes. I have also lived off of the delicious food and drink at the Café and feel so lucky to have Senzu Juicery and Herman as a partner. Basically, it’s the kind of job that I love to go to everyday. Thank goodness for family at home or I might move in.

Thank you to all that took a chance on a new studio and bought our Grand Opening Special and the New Client Welcome package. We hope we have you hooked on the quality and benefits of Ease. Thank you too to those that have shared a little about themselves and the positive experiences you have had on and off your mat since experiencing Ease. Please keep the stories coming. We love them.

Starting this week we will be offering new packages for you to purchase for classes. We will continue to offer the New Client Welcome for first timers only at $50 for 5 classes (only $10 per class and good for 6 months). Please tell your friends and those who have not yet experienced Ease.

Our Drop-In rate will be $25 for one class and we will also be offering The Ease Monthly Unlimited Package for $100 with a 3 month auto-renew commitment. This is a fantastic deal for those who love to come to many yoga classes in a month. We know who you are, we have seen you often these past few months.

We will also be offering Ease Class Packages that go down in per class price the greater the package size. The 4 Class Pass is $76 (only $19 per class), the 8 Class Pass is $136 (only $17 per class) and the 12 Class Pass (only $15 per class). We are excited to offer no expiration on these packages!

Kids’ Packages are also available to purchase for children 4-7 years old. You can create an account for your child and sign them up for classes on Saturday mornings from 9:30 am – 10:30 while you attend the Vigorous Flow Yoga class in the next studio. The Kid’s Package is $75 (5 classes @ $15 a class) or $120 (10 classes @ $12 per class).

Offering everything from Rise & Shine to Gentle Therapeutic, Lunch Time Yoga, Men’s Yoga, Vigorous Flow, Curvy Yoga, Yoga for Seniors, Beginners, Mindfulness Yoga and Meditation, Kids Yoga, Alignment Based Flow , Restorative Yoga, Intro to the Wall and Ease Signature Yoga, we feel good about bringing this community what they need and what they want. Please let us know if there are any other classes that you would like to see added to the schedule.

We hope the Ease Grand Opening Special and the New Client Welcome were a great way to jump start your practice and give you experiential knowledge of the benefits of yoga and what can be gained in taking time for yourself. We would like to extend this invitation to you to continue to be a part of our community as we grow and offer more and more wonderful classes, informative workshops and nutritious food and drink.

May you be safe, happy, healthy, may you live your life with Ease.