CuriositEase: Relieve Low Back With Yoga

By: Ashley Josephine

If you’ve ever experienced low back pain before, you know that it ranges in severity from mildly annoying to so severe you have to take off work because you can’t get out of bed. I experience low back pain frequently because of my scoliosis and other asymmetries my body has developed due to habitual patterns of movement.

It’s estimated that 15%-20% of Americans will experience low back pain every year and that up to 60% of Americans experience low back pain at some point over the course of his or her life. In addition, low back pain is the fifth most common reason for visits to a primary care doctor and the number one reason why people go to see orthopedists or neurosurgeons.

You can imagine that the cost of low back pain is high, not just because of direct medical costs, but also because of lost productivity from work. But you might not believe that the estimated national cost of treating low back pain in the United States ranges from $38-$50 BILLION a year!

Practicing yoga asana is a great tool to help relieve low back pain. An intelligently sequenced yoga class moves the spine in 7 directions. This movement helps to lubricate the joints, which helps us feel looser. When we feel looser, we get more range of movement making everyday activities that require us to move our spine (there are a lot of them), easier and more free.

For more information on how the spine moves and to practice the seven directions of spinal movement, watch my latest video on relieving low back pain with yoga.

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