The BIG Questions

By Tara Casagrande

Who am I?  Where have I been?  Where am I going?  What is my purpose?

Approximately eight years ago, my spiritual healer asked me to answer these questions.  We were moving as a family to Costa Rica and Kourosh saw this as a great opportunity to explore the big spiritual questions.

“Can I simply start with the first one?” I asked.

“Sure, “ he said.

And so began my quest.

A big reason why Ease Yoga & Cafe exists today is thanks to Kourosh Kashani. Little did I know at that time that the move to Costa Rica would lead to my becoming a yoga teacher and studio owner by embarking on the 200 hour yoga teacher training at the Nosara Yoga Institute.

The first day of the training our teacher said, “Yoga is inquiry. Who am I?”

There was my first question! From this point, many events followed to lead me to my work and purpose today. Sharing the wisdom of yoga and helping individuals make the mind body connection through breath has been amazing to witness.  I have learned so much from our teachers, our students, and from the community all around us. Entering into our third year of business, Ease Yoga & Cafe is proud to host Kourosh and to bring all of his spiritual wisdom of healing to our community.

Kourosh has taught all around the world. He recently presented at Google in California and he will be featured in a movie to be released this spring. Kourosh truly is wise.  He is a healer in the greatest sense of the word. Please join him this month for his class and workshops. It is a gift to yourself that you will not regret. If you are ready to move deeper and explore the big questions please join us.

Click HERE for more information and registration.  You can also connect with Kourosh or set up private sessions during his stay the following week by contacting him through his website.