by Tara Casagrande

The story I heard one day while walking through a butterfly garden in Belize blew my mind open. It was explained to me that after a caterpillar spins its cocoon, it almost completely liquifies before becoming a butterfly. The caterpillar secretes a matter that dissolves most of its tissues and then transforms into a butterfly within the cocoon. I had always believed that a caterpillar simply grew wings within the cocoon. Instead, the whole process seemed magical. 


For me this magic very much parallels my own journey toward yoga.

Nineteen years ago when pregnant with Baker (our eldest son), I took a prenatal yoga class to "get healthy."  The teacher told us to talk to our baby in the womb, and I thought she was nuts. LOL... now listen to me!

During early motherhood I dabbled in yoga, bouncing from one studio to another,  only ever buying the "drop in pass" because I never knew when I would return again. I had a pull towards yoga; however, I never fully felt the benefits and the change. I was like a caterpillar wandering around on a branch nibbling on leaves.  

Fast forward to Costa Rica 2009. With very little yoga knowledge, I was drawn to sign up for the yoga teacher training at the Nosara Yoga Institute (NYI). It was in Nosara that my change, alteration, mutation, conversion, and metamorphosis happened. 

I liquified! 

In the safe cocoon of the NYI studio, I experienced a transformation. We practiced yoga every day, all day, for an entire month. My muscles hurt. I cried. I laughed. I trusted. I shed. I was cracked open. By graduation, I felt lighter, stronger, more beautiful. I had wings to fly.

A radical metamorphosis of some sort begins to happen when you practice yoga more and more. The former you begins to change and you begin to experience life from a different point of view. The view is better. You are more connected to your body and you begin to make choices that move toward health and peace of mind. Life is not perfect by any means, but the ride is smoother.

Add yoga to your life daily and you will know it;  twice a week and you will begin to experience it. 

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