Yoga as Practice

By Tara Casagrande

This month we, the teachers @ Ease, got together for our own private gong bath and yoga practice along with a sharing about how we are doing.  It was wonderful to take some time for ourselves and to accept the healing energy of the gong into our bodies.  We all needed it and felt very thankful to have our very own Jeneen Piccurio share her expert gong playing skills with us.  Many of us have been cracked open by yoga and know and appreciate first hand the healing benefits of yoga.  This is why we love to share yoga with all of you.

For teachers and yoga students alike,  it is important to continue to maintain our regular daily practice in order to stay grounded and calm.  This can be difficult.

Some suggestions for keeping a regular practice that have worked for me over the years.

  • Put yoga on your day planner or google calendar and schedule other activities around it.  Try to do a full practice at least two times per week or more.
  • Plan to meet a friend or two for a class.  It’s always great to stay for a smoothie or a bowl in the cafe after to catch up.
  • If you cannot make it to the studio, take 15-20 minutes at the beginning, middle  or end of your day to do some breath work and stretching.  Choose gentle or active, depending on how you feel. Keep a mat at home or your office.
  • Bring a yoga journal to class.  If there are some particular moves or poses that you would like to remember for yourself, write them down during or after class.  Try them out at home as a daily practice.
  • Take advantage of the great workshops and specialty classes held at Ease.  These workshops feature experts in their field.  These longer workshops allow you to go deeper with your yoga practice by providing 2 hours or more of focused time.
  • Switch up the classes you attend in order to keep it fresh and new.   Try out the new teachers and get to know how they can help deepen your practice.

Yoga is a practice.  It takes time and commitment to truly begin to feel the benefits.  Once you make that commitment, life begins to change.  You will feel more connected to your body, to others and to life. We hope to see you often @ Ease.  Continue to let us know what you need and how we can continue to bring you the yoga that you need and love.