Sharing the Healing Power of Yoga

By Sophie Schicker

Yoga became an essential part of my life after developing anxiety and a terrible fear of dying after one of my dear colleagues got killed while I lived and worked in Pakistan in 2014. One year later, I went to India for a month-long Yoga teacher training to focus on dealing with my anxiety and fears. During that time, I found many inspirations in Yoga philosophies, ancient Indian scripts, and in my Yoga and Pranayama (breath awareness) practice.

Yoga taught me how to make it through painful and complicated poses as well as moments in life by breathing calmly and naturally. Through Savasana (final resting pose), I accepted the fact that just like everyone else, I will die one day and that it could happen anywhere at any time. Bakasana (crow pose) taught me the strength to overcome fear and that I can do anything if I believe in myself. Vrksasana (tree pose) had a calming effect on me and made me realize how important it is to be present. Over time my anxiety left and I started appreciating all the tiny beautiful moments of life each day. I started asking the big questions. Am I living the way I want? Am I doing everything to fulfill my dreams? Am I doing something meaningful each day? Am I spending enough time with my beloved ones?

After all, Pakistan lead me towards the path of Yoga. Furthermore, my time over there made me switch my career path, and on a cold rainy night in Islamabad I met my American husband. I am thankful for all of that. Last summer, I pulled up my stakes in my home country of Germany, moved to beautiful Del Ray together with my husband, and became a member of Ease.

Now, I do a job I love, working with the Ethiopian Community Development Council (ECDC), one of the nine refugee resettlement agencies in the US. We take care of newly arrived refugees from all over the world during their first 90 days and provide long-term intensive case management to especially vulnerable people. Many of them have been forced to leave their homes and lived through years of hardship surviving in refugee camps. Some are victims of torture or lost all of their family members. Their long journey seems to be over when they finally arrive in the US, but over here new challenges are waiting for them.

One of many projects at ECDC is leading a support group for Breast Cancer Survivors. The 14 beautiful women between the age of 30 and 65 meet once a month to share their stories, to go on field trips, and participate in workshops. Most of them are from Ethiopia and have lived in the US a short time. They have not just been through the hardship of being a refugee, but additionally fought cancer for many years of their life. They are some of the strongest and most inspiring women I have ever met. I have the wonderful opportunity to start a Gentle Yoga class specifically for them at the end of this month.

It has been proven that Yoga is helpful for Cancer patients during all stages of treatment and afterwards, as it improves physical symptoms, like pain and fatigue, and reduces stress and anxiety. The Yogic breath, for example, has a positive effect on the immune system and gentle movements release endorphins, our happiness hormones. I hope that regular classes will be beneficial to each and every woman of ECDC’s Cancer Survivor Group and I am very excited to finally share the healing powers of Yoga with some of the people who need it the most.

EASE is collecting gently used yoga mats for Sophie's Cancer Survivor group at the studio. Please feel free to drop off donations with us anytime.

Yoga as Practice

By Tara Casagrande

This month we, the teachers @ Ease, got together for our own private gong bath and yoga practice along with a sharing about how we are doing.  It was wonderful to take some time for ourselves and to accept the healing energy of the gong into our bodies.  We all needed it and felt very thankful to have our very own Jeneen Piccurio share her expert gong playing skills with us.  Many of us have been cracked open by yoga and know and appreciate first hand the healing benefits of yoga.  This is why we love to share yoga with all of you.

For teachers and yoga students alike,  it is important to continue to maintain our regular daily practice in order to stay grounded and calm.  This can be difficult.

Some suggestions for keeping a regular practice that have worked for me over the years.

  • Put yoga on your day planner or google calendar and schedule other activities around it.  Try to do a full practice at least two times per week or more.
  • Plan to meet a friend or two for a class.  It’s always great to stay for a smoothie or a bowl in the cafe after to catch up.
  • If you cannot make it to the studio, take 15-20 minutes at the beginning, middle  or end of your day to do some breath work and stretching.  Choose gentle or active, depending on how you feel. Keep a mat at home or your office.
  • Bring a yoga journal to class.  If there are some particular moves or poses that you would like to remember for yourself, write them down during or after class.  Try them out at home as a daily practice.
  • Take advantage of the great workshops and specialty classes held at Ease.  These workshops feature experts in their field.  These longer workshops allow you to go deeper with your yoga practice by providing 2 hours or more of focused time.
  • Switch up the classes you attend in order to keep it fresh and new.   Try out the new teachers and get to know how they can help deepen your practice.

Yoga is a practice.  It takes time and commitment to truly begin to feel the benefits.  Once you make that commitment, life begins to change.  You will feel more connected to your body, to others and to life. We hope to see you often @ Ease.  Continue to let us know what you need and how we can continue to bring you the yoga that you need and love.

Keep it Real

By Beth Wolfe

I've recently been made aware of a trend among teens who maintain multiple online identities by managing two separate Instagram accounts. One is highly curated, displaying only beautifully staged, filtered, and aspirational moments. A second account, the so-called "finstagram" (for "fake instagram") showcases less savory events. The "fake" photos (kept hidden to all but a few close friends) are considered to be silly, embarrassing, or unflattering.

As spiritual beings living in human (imperfect) shells, we hide the most embarrassing or shameful parts of ourselves, while presenting an outward facade of what we believe to be our more "socially acceptable" selves. This feeling that the less-than-perfect side of us should be kept hidden creates obstacles to making authentic connections with one another, and with ourselves. The photo above was taken on an unusually frigid spring morning. As I was balancing myself on the edge of the fountain to get into "flying lizard" pose, I slipped, almost falling into the water, drawing blood from my knee, and ripping a hole in the knee of my yoga pants. Of the many images captured that day, the one above is the one I chose to represent me in the digital world, but my everyday life isn't particularly aspirational, and it certainly isn't perfect. That fall, the blood, and the torn pants represent my real life AND my real yoga practice, just as much, probably more, than the polished photo. Our yoga practice invites us to find our authentic selves and to become comfortable with who we really are. It encourages us to embrace our "imperfections," and to realize that each one of us carries our own unpleasant "stuff" that we'd prefer not to confront. Once we find that clarity, we can share it with others, unapologetically.

Will you #keepitreal with us? If you're willing to share a story or part of yourself that you generally keep under wraps, we would love to share it with our Ease community. Speaking about these less-than-perfect moments is a radical act of vulnerability, but the rewards of being open are profound. To share your #keepitreal moment, please get in touch with us.

For the Sake of Our Own Health

By Delia Sullivan, Ease Yoga Instructor

There are so many things that we have in common as human beings. Remembering those positive things that connect us is just plain good for our health!

In my humble opinion, I would guess most of us have some kind of heightened emotions at this moment in time.  Too many adjectives to list here but a few simple ones might include, excitement, anger, empowerment, fear, sadness, happiness, etc.    

I am not writing to judge your “emotions” but to suggest we all have emotions, yes?  I’m sure at some point recently you have observed heightened emotions. How about the compassion to acknowledge is it a commonality in human beings and that affects our daily lives, our health, AND those around us?

Often we get so caught up in our own drama and emotions that we begin to actually create dis-ease” in our bodies and can become disease.  Many of us already have stressors, like long work hours, daily responsibilities that contribute to little sleep, little exercise and no time for inspiring human connection like (church, girlfriends, family time, couple time, just walking down the street without a mission to get somewhere).  

In my yoga classes this month the theme is self-observation or self-study.  To be aware and notice this idea of Think less and FEEL more!  Using observation to become aware of your behavior, your interactions, and decisions, to determine what feels healthy and what does not.

Observations like how it feels when you are around certain people?  Do they inspire you or tire you?  How you react when plans change abruptly, noticing your morning routine, how you carry yourself as you walk?  Very simple observations tell the story of who we are in those moments.

Notice and observe, no judgment, just inquiry.  Then you will have more authentic information to create “re-SOUL-utions” or intentions as we say in yoga.   This may allow us to disentangle ourselves from aspects of our life that don’t create “well-being”.

If you “feel” any of this resonates with you, I invite you to use Gentle + Restorative yoga to encourage the inquiry.  I would love to see you on the mat at one of my 75 minute weekly classes offered at EASE-YOGA Mondays 9:30am

For the sake of your own health and those of others! Peace, Delia

Live Inspired


Often this week my mind has turned toward what inspires me.


  1. the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

  2. the drawing in of breath; inhalation.

Isn't that interesting that this word also has something to do with breath?  Yogis love it when this happens. When one feels inspired, our hearts feel full, our energy level increases, and our creativity is unleashed.  I remember the high level of life energy (prana- as we say in yoga) in me as I worked to create Ease Yoga & Cafe. My creative juices were flowing. I needed very little sleep.

My children inspire me every day to be a better mom and a better person.  I love to celebrate all the wisdom they are soaking up in school and from friends and in extracurricular activities. The teachers @ Ease inspire me as I grow and learn from them. When I see how much of themselves they give to our clients in every class, I well up with pride. People gathering together in a peaceful way for what they believe in also inspires me. People voicing what they deeply believe in  feels so real.

Yoga has taught me to notice my levels of prana and to notice what fills me up and what depletes me. Recently I have been working toward deeper levels of noticing and working to surround myself more with what fills me up, with what inspires me.

This idea of being mentally stimulated to not only do, but to "feel" something is also very interesting to me. This again is about making a mind body connection. When were are inspired we are stimulated to feel. To be outside of the mind and to be more in our bodies, our hearts and our guts lead us to authentic living.

When we feel more, we live more fully. We notice more of the beauty of life and we are are not cut off from the everyday miracles that are all around us.

So, this week: Draw in your breath deeply. Sink into your heart and your gut. Find a way to feel more, think less. See what it does for your energy level and your creativity. Live Inspired.



By Tara Casagrande

A wise woman (my mother) once gave a speech at our wedding saying, "Motherhood is about letting go." Only recently have I begun to understand that quote. The quote was lost on my 29-year-old idealistic self and has finally sunk in.

Inhale, LET, exhale, GO.

As a business owner, wife and mother of our 17, 14 & 10-year-old, this year has offered up many opportunities to let go.

  • Let go of all the predictions and forecasts made in my imperfectly crafted business plan.
  • Let go of perfectly nutritious and healthy meals for our family every night.
  • Let go of mistakes I have made.
  • Let go of the 17 year old son who is currently taking a semester abroad. I miss him so much.
  • Let go of years of volunteering at the kids' school.
  • Let go of being at every sporting event and school function.

As I let go, it makes more room for me to embrace all the goodness around me.

  • Playful tickle time with our youngest son when I arrive home from teaching an evening class.
  • Last minute shopping trips with our 14 year old daughter to buy clothing for a school trip.
  • Lunches with my hubby while the kids are in school in order to grab some quality time.
  • Valuing time with girlfriends.
  • Spending time with my mother whenever I can.
  • Running up the stairs of Ease so excited to come to work and thankful for all who have joined us this year to move, breathe, explore and become more curious about themselves.

Motherhood stretches me and often takes me outside of my comfort zone. I have learned so much about myself through raising our children. Being a mom is what I have always wanted. The times I enjoy it the most is when I slow down, exhale and let go. Getting wiser by the year.

CuriositEase: A Message from Nosara Yoga Institute in Costa Rica

By: Becky Sutton


Greetings from Nosara! This is my second time taking part of Nosara's spiritual journey and it's been even more transformative than my first. I'm completing 100 hours in training for Inner Quest and am coming close to the end of this experience soon.

I taught the most amazing Yin Yoga class to 58 of my teachers and peers in Samahdi Madir this morning; it was inspired by the transformation of the caterpillar to butterfly... and really, the transformations we are all experiencing constantly. It was powerfully moving.

I send all the YogEase my best and look forward to seeing your glowing faces upon my return. Maybe you will see the transformation in me that I feel has occurred during my stay here! Namaste.


To register for Becky's classes at Ease Yoga & Cafe, visit our website. She teaches the following classes in Alexandria, VA (the Del Ray community):

  • Kids Yoga (6 - 10) on Tuesdays from 4:00PM - 4:45PM
  • Yin Yoga on Tuesdays from 7:15PM - 8:30PM
  • Kids Yoga (Ages 4 - 7) on Saturdays from 9:30AM - 10:30AM

The Nosara Yoga Institute is just a few minute walk from Playa Guionesis in Costa Rica. Their mission is to deliver an inquiry-based,non-authoritarian yoga curriculum that develops the multi-dimensional Self. In a beautiful, natural setting that supports relaxed, non-competitive learning, they intend to deliver our curriculum in a way that strengthens inner guidance and direct connection to sourcethrough developing witness consciousness.

More here


CuriositEase: Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

By: Mimi Vidaver


Prenatal Yoga provides many varied benefits to pregnant women. First and foremost, a prenatal yoga class is a shared space for creating a community of moms and moms-to-be. It is a place for pregnant women to engage with each other over shared experiences, compare notes, ask questions of one another as well as the teacher, and, most importantly, sympathize with and learn from one another. A prenatal yoga class is a haven from a hectic week and an important opportunity for a mama to practice self care.

One of the most foundational and, often, most challenging aspects of a prenatal yoga practice is the application of the broader yogic principle of balancing effort and surrender-more specifically, in the case of yoga during pregnancy, seeking softness amidst exertion. Not only does learning about and practicing this duality help mamas prepare for the physicality of labor by teaching them to use yoga poses to connect with and soften their pelvic floor, it most certainly helps to ease some of the anxiety surrounding labor and birth by providing tools for finding emotional stillness during even the most intense or uncomfortable moments.


Ultimately, prenatal yoga helps pregnant women tap into their own physical and emotional strength, and it provides them with the opportunity to connect deeply with the power of their own bodies.

Mimi teaches Prenatal Yoga on Tuesdays from 6:00PM - 7:15PM in Del Ray, Alexandria. To learn more about her class or to register for your next session, visit Ease Yoga & Cafe's website.

CuriositEase: Six Essential Oils for Spring

By: Hilary Mughloo


Can you feel it? Spring is upon us. Yes, it's been cold and dreary, with even a few flurries still out there, but if you're like me you can feel that spring is coming.

Maybe you feel like taking in lighter food and drink; more greens, more raw, more cleansing drinks like lemon water. These can be signs that your body is getting ready for the shift in seasons.

Essential oils can be an awesome support during any time of transition and can help you stay aligned in body, mind and spirit. Spring Equinox is on Sunday March 20, 2016 which is perfect timing, because I will be teaching a Yoga & Essential Oils class at Ease from 7-8pm. We'll be able to put these oils into practice!

Cypress: The essential oil of motion and flow. Cypress is great if you are someone who is mentally or emotionally stuck or have perfectionist tendencies. Need a shift? This can help.

Grapefruit: The essential oil of honoring the body. This oil supports individuals who are caught in patterns of mistreatment. Spring is a beautiful time to cultivate new habits of self-care.

Marjoram: The essential oil of connection. Marjoram addresses feelings of distrust and fear of rejection. This oil is also amazing at supporting muscles before or after exercising.

Frankincense: The essential oil of truth. The warm, spicy, and clean aroma is known to enhance practices of prayer and meditation. Incredibly powerful but also gentle and helps cultivate connection to the True Self.

Deep Blue blend: The essential oils of surrendering pain including wintergreen, camphor, peppermint, blue tansy, blue chamomile, and others it can support mental clarity in times of physical pain (while also soothing the physical pain!).

Balance blend: The essential oils of grounding including spruce, ho wood, frankincense, and others this blend teaches us to ground our energy and to manifest our vision with the patience of a tree.


To learn more about using essential oils in your daily life reach out! Hilary Mughloo is available for wellness consultations and teaches weekly essential oils classes in the neighborhood. She is a yoga teacher, reiki practitioner, and Holistic Lifestyle Coach for women based in Alexandria, VA. Hilary is the founder of Wise Light Wellness and the #healthyhealers community with a motto to: Be Wise. Shine Bright. Live Well.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Take Wheatgrass Shots


By: Tara Casagrande

If you've ever had a shot of wheatgrass, you know that it's a curiously intense flavor - and definitely an acquired taste. Did you know that this electrifyingly green liquid is packed with a huge amount of hardcore health benefits? Here are some of my favorites:

1. Wheatgrass juice is one of the best sources of living chlorophyll available today. However, to get the full benefit, the chlorophyll must come fresh from a living plant... thankfully, South Block is on top of that! Some benefits of chlorophyll include (how about that, a list within a list!): controlling food cravings, controlling body odor, healing, cleansing of the liver, improving blood sugar problems, etc.

2. Wheatgrass juice is an effective healer because it contains all minerals known to man. It is extremely rich in protein, and contains 17 amino acids- the building blocks of protein.

3. Wheatgrass juice, which is high in oxygen, can dissolve the scars that are formed in the lungs from breathing acidic gasses. The negative effect of carbon monoxide is minimized since chlorophyll increases hemoglobin production.

4. Wheatgrass juice is good for skin problems such as eczema or psoriasis because of its innate antioxidants, which also help to slow down the aging process.

5. Wheatgrass juice provides me with an overall sense of well-being. Can't you tell by the face I make when taking it? :) I've found that wheatgrass juice shots, although strong in flavor, are a lot like taking cod fish oil - hard to get used to but the benefits are incredible.


This month, we'll be donating 25 cents to New Hope Housing for every wheatgrass shot you take and every Ease yoga class you attend. This is a local organization in Alexandria that provides homeless families and individuals shelter, housing, and the tools to build a better life.

So please, give to yourself and to New Hope Housing this month. Your body and mind will thank you for it. You can sign up for your March classes here.


March Promo: Help Us Fill Our Pot O' Gold

The philosophy of yoga is dedicated to creating union between the body, spirit, and mind. This month, we embrace the Sanskrit word Dana, which means giving. In honor of Dana and the month of March, the month of all things green, we want to give back to a very special organization in Alexandria: New Hope Housing. Their mission is to provide homeless families and individuals shelter, housing, and the tools to build a better life. Let's help them accomplish that mission this month... with yoga!

For every class you take and every wheatgrass shot you purchase during the month of March, you will receive a golden coin to be placed into our leprechaun's pot o' gold. At the end of the month, Ease Yoga and South Block will donate 25 cents for each gold coin to New Hope Housing. The more you yoga and the more shots you take, the more we donate.

In the words of Maya Angelou, let's "Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud" and donate some green to a wonderful organization that is providing bright, lucky futures for our local men and women. We love that while giving to yourself, you're also giving back to the community - it's a win-win.

Sign up for your March yoga classes here. If you'd like to help us spread the word, share today's post with your friends and family on social media.

With love,


CuriositEase: Relieve Low Back With Yoga

By: Ashley Josephine

If you’ve ever experienced low back pain before, you know that it ranges in severity from mildly annoying to so severe you have to take off work because you can’t get out of bed. I experience low back pain frequently because of my scoliosis and other asymmetries my body has developed due to habitual patterns of movement.

It’s estimated that 15%-20% of Americans will experience low back pain every year and that up to 60% of Americans experience low back pain at some point over the course of his or her life. In addition, low back pain is the fifth most common reason for visits to a primary care doctor and the number one reason why people go to see orthopedists or neurosurgeons.

You can imagine that the cost of low back pain is high, not just because of direct medical costs, but also because of lost productivity from work. But you might not believe that the estimated national cost of treating low back pain in the United States ranges from $38-$50 BILLION a year!

Practicing yoga asana is a great tool to help relieve low back pain. An intelligently sequenced yoga class moves the spine in 7 directions. This movement helps to lubricate the joints, which helps us feel looser. When we feel looser, we get more range of movement making everyday activities that require us to move our spine (there are a lot of them), easier and more free.

For more information on how the spine moves and to practice the seven directions of spinal movement, watch my latest video on relieving low back pain with yoga.

Join Ashley on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:00AM for her Rise and Shine Yoga classes.

CuriositEase: The Power Of Mindfulness


By: Jennifer O'Sullivan

Mindfulness can be practiced formally by sitting, but my teacher Thich Nhat Hanh has always encouraged us to let our days be filled with mindfulness. From teeth brushing to listening, every moment can be mindful.

Each Lunar New Year, called Tết in Vietnam, the Plum Village monastic community shares practice phrases that can be printed and hung around the home as a reminder that mindfulness can be practiced at any time.  This is a tradition that me and family look forward to every year.  You can read more about the phrases and print your own here.

Join Jennifer on Thursdays at 7:30PM for her class, Mindfulness Meditation.

CuriositEase: Healing Trauma Through Yoga

By: Beth Wolfe 


I was deeply moved and inspired by a recent weekend I spent immersed in Trauma Sensitive Yoga teacher training at Beloved Yoga in Reston.

Trauma/PTSD recovery is a topic that is personally dear to me, and I am grateful for the opportunity to use yogic techniques to contribute to the recovery of people affected by trauma in all forms. The training confirmed for me that yoga is a powerful tool in dealing with negative and/or disturbing experiences, and it sparked in me a passion to share these techniques.

Through the use of specific movement, breath, and meditation practices, traumatized people can heal by reconnecting to their bodies in a safe, deliberate way. Those who have experienced trauma in their lives know that the effects show up not only in the mind, but in the body and spirit. The tools that yoga brings to alleviating traumatic stress are tremendous gifts to those who suffer.

For more info on Trauma Sensitive Yoga, visit


CuriositEase is a weekly blog, authored by Tara Casagrande and Ease Yoga & Cafe instructors, dedicated to exploring trends and interesting Health & Wellness topics.

Gratitude and Giving


Thanksgiving is around the corner and I'm feeling a sense of deep gratitude.  We just had a great morning at Ease starting with Men’s Yoga, Ease Yoga Fundamentals and the Ease Signature Class. Often times when you (our clients)  walk into Ease we will check in with how you are doing.  This morning, I loved the honesty.  “Not doing great”, “Feeling strong physically but not strong emotionally, isn’t that interesting?", “I’m just happy to be here”. We all arrive and leave in such different states.  

It is almost exactly 6 months since we opened our doors for the Soft Opening of Ease Yoga & Cafe.  Every time a curious individual walks through our doors and asks about yoga or the smoothie and juice menu, I am grateful.  It takes a bit of self determination to walk up those steps, get an idea of what is happening inside our space and then potentially go to our website, sign up for a class and then show up, roll out a mat and trust us teachers to be kind and gentle and also caring as we guide you through your practice.  Thank you for trusting us and for working hard on yourself.


Many of you purchased our Grand Opening Special and then have become Monthly Unlimited Members.  Many others purchased the New Client Welcome and since have gone on to purchase class packages and have even invited friends and neighbors to join as well.  Thanks to you all for spreading the word.

The teachers here at Ease love our work and love when many of you show up to class with honesty and a willingness to work on yourselves. We have seen so many people grow stronger, we have hugged many of you and you have hugged us back.  We have seen tears and shared stories. We have also laughed a lot.  For all of that, we are thankful. We hope we have created a very authentic and safe space to share.

This season, Ease will be asking you to bring in canned items for AFAC, the Arlington Food Assistance Shelter.  We will have a bin delivered Monday, November 9.  It will remain until mid December. Thank you in advance for helping us to fill this bin.  This is a great way for all of us, who feel the interconnection between each other, to be able to give.  Giving to those in need, helps us with our practice off of the mat.  At the end of our collection, we hope to celebrate with a fun Free class to say thank you.

Happy November.  Enjoy the sunshine and the colors.  Breathe the crisper, cooler air deep into your lungs.  Take time for you.  Come to yoga as often as you can.  And know that we at Ease, cherish each and everyone one of you.  And to those soon to experience Ease, come join us soon.  We look forward to sharing openly and honestly with you in a space that nurtures you and allow you be yourself.

Many thanks and Namaste.


(Ease founder)

Ease Breeze


It’s a beautiful afternoon and the breeze is whisking across the patio at Ease. It is so nice to work here outside in the shade. I have been meaning to write this blog post for a while and now I finally have some time to sit and reflect. These first months here at Ease have been like a dream come true. We have met so many amazingly wonderful people. I have taken many of the classes that our experienced teachers offer and feel very good about the high quality of our teachers and classes. I have also lived off of the delicious food and drink at the Café and feel so lucky to have Senzu Juicery and Herman as a partner. Basically, it’s the kind of job that I love to go to everyday. Thank goodness for family at home or I might move in.

Thank you to all that took a chance on a new studio and bought our Grand Opening Special and the New Client Welcome package. We hope we have you hooked on the quality and benefits of Ease. Thank you too to those that have shared a little about themselves and the positive experiences you have had on and off your mat since experiencing Ease. Please keep the stories coming. We love them.

Starting this week we will be offering new packages for you to purchase for classes. We will continue to offer the New Client Welcome for first timers only at $50 for 5 classes (only $10 per class and good for 6 months). Please tell your friends and those who have not yet experienced Ease.

Our Drop-In rate will be $25 for one class and we will also be offering The Ease Monthly Unlimited Package for $100 with a 3 month auto-renew commitment. This is a fantastic deal for those who love to come to many yoga classes in a month. We know who you are, we have seen you often these past few months.

We will also be offering Ease Class Packages that go down in per class price the greater the package size. The 4 Class Pass is $76 (only $19 per class), the 8 Class Pass is $136 (only $17 per class) and the 12 Class Pass (only $15 per class). We are excited to offer no expiration on these packages!

Kids’ Packages are also available to purchase for children 4-7 years old. You can create an account for your child and sign them up for classes on Saturday mornings from 9:30 am – 10:30 while you attend the Vigorous Flow Yoga class in the next studio. The Kid’s Package is $75 (5 classes @ $15 a class) or $120 (10 classes @ $12 per class).

Offering everything from Rise & Shine to Gentle Therapeutic, Lunch Time Yoga, Men’s Yoga, Vigorous Flow, Curvy Yoga, Yoga for Seniors, Beginners, Mindfulness Yoga and Meditation, Kids Yoga, Alignment Based Flow , Restorative Yoga, Intro to the Wall and Ease Signature Yoga, we feel good about bringing this community what they need and what they want. Please let us know if there are any other classes that you would like to see added to the schedule.

We hope the Ease Grand Opening Special and the New Client Welcome were a great way to jump start your practice and give you experiential knowledge of the benefits of yoga and what can be gained in taking time for yourself. We would like to extend this invitation to you to continue to be a part of our community as we grow and offer more and more wonderful classes, informative workshops and nutritious food and drink.

May you be safe, happy, healthy, may you live your life with Ease.



Ease Yoga & Cafe Grand Opening: TODAY


Today is the Grand Opening of Ease. Do I feel at Ease? Literally, yes. Figuratively, not really. It's scary and fun all wrapped up in one body. I have been floating the past few weeks. The number of wonderful people who have walked in the door of Ease and tried us out is overwhelming.

This Del Ray, Alexandria community is fabulous and people have welcomed Ease with open arms. From the bloggers to the yogis and the juicers to the joggers. Herman of Senzu Juicery and I have worked so hard and both of us are thrilled to be living our dream.

Thank you to those of you who have joined us in the past few weeks and Welcome to those who are just learning about us and willing to try. A grand opening for a small business is a huge event. Here's to hoping we all live our life with Ease.

Here's what the expect today between the hours of 9:00AM - 2:00PM:

  • A ribbon cutting ceremony with Mayor Euille, Del Ray Business Association representatives, media, and more at 10:00AM
  • Special FREE demo yoga classes in meditation:

10:45 am - 11 am Meditation with Jennifer
11:15 am - 11:30 am Yoga Flow with Rosie Graves Wiedemer
11:45 am -12 pm Shake your Soul with Katy Baytosh
12:15 pm - 12:30 pm Gentle Therapeutic with Pamela Hostetter
12:45 pm - 1 pm Qigong with Ann Duvall
1:15 pm- 1:30 pm Vigorous Flow with Beth Wolfe
1:45pm- 2 pm Myofascial Release with Amanda Murphy

  • Delicious and healthy Senzu Juicery, Mommy Meals, Power Supply, and Joy Bliss Raw samples
  • Studio tours and meet-and-greets with our new yoga instructors - Social media contests for chances to win Ease Yoga & Cafe apparel (Say the secret phrase "May You Live Your Life With Ease" at the register to receive 25% off a menu item! Valid today only.)
  • Full open menu (bring your appetite!) - Final chance to sign up for the 50/$50 yoga promotion

If you joined us today, please leave a comment to tell us about your experience!



6 Ways Ease Yoga & Cafe Will Be Environmentally Sustainable


Happy Earth Day! April is Earth Month and I want to share with you SIX WAYS we are reducing our carbon imprint at Ease Yoga & Cafe.

  • CORK FLOORING. There are so many decisions to be made when building out a yoga studio and cafe. For example, what flooring to use?At Ease, we are proud of our flooring choices. In our two studios, we will be using sustainably harvested cork on our floors. Not only is cork flooring comfy on your feet during your vinyasa, but it also is harvested without injuring the Cork Oak from which it comes. This can be done every six to eight years. Cork is low in VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) emissions and is a good insulator to boot.
  • NON-PVC TILES. In our bathrooms, we are using bio-based, non-pvc flooring tiles. The Striations BBT tiles are 85% limestone and contain 10% recycled material. The flooring is Sustainability Certified by NSF and scores well in LEED ratings for indoor environmental quality and material resource usage.
  • RECLAIMED WOOD.To give just the right look to our Cafe bar, we happily partnered with Second Chance, an organization in Baltimore dedicated to the responsible re-use of building supplies. When you visit Ease for a juice, salad, or snack, you’ll be sure to notice the rustic and beautiful reclaimed wood that covers the front of the bar. That’s from the good people at Second Chance.
  • WATER STATIONS.Thirsty after your class? We will have a free refillable water-bottle station. If instead of water, you thirst for one of our great juices, you’ll see that they come in fully re-usable bottles. Return your bottle to Ease and, for every seven bottles you return, enjoy a free juice on us.
  • COMPOSTING. As you might imagine, all those fruits and veggies in our juices can pile up into a lot of peels, rinds, stems, and pits. Together Senzu Juicery and Ease are committed to composting all that we can.
  • RECYCLED CONTAINERS. Lastly, we’ll be serving all our food and beverages using earth-friendly reusable, recycled, or compostable containers.

These are just some of the things Ease and Senzu Juicery are doing to lighten our imprint on the earth. It’s a beautiful planet--we hope you have time to get out and enjoy it this spring!

The Inception of Ease


My journey with yoga began when pregnant with our first child, over 16 years ago. I thought that I had better get “healthy” since I was going to become a mom. I went to a prenatal yoga class and thought the whole thing was a little too “wooo wooo.” Talk to your baby in your womb before it was born? CRAZY!!! But I did it. I didn’t love yoga but I tried out many different classes. I took some classes at the YMCA where basketball games were going on in the same gym at the same time. Not too relaxing. I had no idea what yoga really was, but I began to get curious. Fast forward two years and we were pregnant again but this time I was told I also had cervical cancer and needed to have an abortion and a radical hysterectomy. Say what? That was quite a summer! My husband Jerry and I cried a lot. I thought I was going to die. I think Jerry did too. I was only 32-years-old and I made a big decision to keep the baby, deliver her at 38 weeks gestation in the cancer ward of John’s Hopkins, and have a radical hysterectomy (keeping my ovaries) immediately following her birth. Luckily, the cancer did not spread to my lymph nodes during the 9-month period my body was making a baby. Riley was a beautiful, healthy baby girl. I was able to nurse her and I did not need to undergo chemotherapy or radiation. To what did I attribute my luck? Slowing down and taking care of me. With Reiki, a mindful diet, massage, yoga and saying "no" to a lot of the things in life that kept me too busy and exhausted, I gave my immune system a break. Some Ease, if you will.

Almost 8 years after Riley’s birth, we moved our whole family- Jerry, myself, and our 3 kids (our third child was adopted from Korea)- to Nosara on the Pacific of Costa Rica. Call it a midlife adventure to avoid a midlife crisis. Life in Alexandria was busy and full but we were missing the fun and adventure we had enjoyed in our years before children.

Nosara Yoga Institute (NYI) was right around the corner from the house we rented. I decided to sign up for the yoga teacher training they offered in the month of November. Before leaving for our Costa Rican adventure, I had been working with a wonderful healer who challenged me to “answer the big questions in life.” Questions like: Who am I? Where am I going? Where have I been? And What is my purpose? On the first day of teacher training, I walked in and saw right there on the wall a phrase written by my teacher: “Yoga is inquiry…Who Am I?” I knew then that I was in the right place. This intense month of two-hour yoga at 6 am, meditation on the beach, more classes in morning and afternoon, lectures, and in the evening two more hours of hands-on experience, changed my life. I laughed, cried, explored, shed and grew. Prior to this experience, never had I imagined that I would teach yoga let alone open a yoga studio.

So here I am today. A beautiful day in April. Our first born, Baker, turns 16 this week; Riley is a thriving 13-year-old teenage girl who may never understand the intensity of that year before her birth; and our son Tae brings love and light to our world. My new expression in life is Perfectly Imperfect. Life is busy and fun. Jerry and I continue to work on marriage and being in relationship while raising a young family.

Ease will open in a month. It is both exciting and terrifying at the same time. Yoga has taught me to invite in the paradoxes of life and to truly feel them. All of my demons come up as the opening of Ease gets closer. Why am I doing this? Is it ego? I really hope not. Will people like it? What if no one comes? What if I fail? Well, it’s too late for all that, the lease is signed. I must go forward. Be quiet, mind!

Ease will be much more than just a yoga studio and juice bar. My hopes are that Ease will attract those of you who, like me, have many blessings in your life but who are curious about what life is all about and how we can live it fully and authentically. Ease is meant to be a place to drop your shoulders and begin to slow down and explore the relationship between the mind and the body. Our space is called “Ease”—the opposite of “Disease.” I believe yoga offers more than stretching and breathing. It offers the chance to slow down and notice what is happening in your body. It calms the nervous system. We all need this. If we do not slow down, our body gets out of sync and we are no longer at Ease, but rather there is dis- Ease in our body. Our thoughts and emotions can begin to rule us.

So, thank you for reading. This blog post is motivated by the cartoon below, where a stick figure says, “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours” (and they reveal their hearts). I hope that by sharing a little piece of myself, I have encouraged you all to share a little of yourselves when you enter Ease.


Ease Yoga & Cafe: Coming to the Del Ray – Alexandria, VA Community in Spring, 2015!


We each have dreams in our life – whether it is to raise a family, have a meaningful career, run a marathon, or go to the top of a mountain or to the bottom of the sea. My name is Tara, and for me, I have long held the dream of opening a space that focused on whole body wellness, a place that nourished our minds, our bodies, and our spirits. This dream has taken different shapes over the years and now is at last coming to fruition in the form of Ease Yoga Studio & Cafe!

Ease is the first yoga studio and healthy eats cafe all under one roof in all of Alexandria. We are located in a sunlit space at 3051 Mt Vernon Avenue, at the intersection of Mt. Vernon and Commonwealth Avenues in the Del Ray neighborhood. Featured image

The entire community is welcome in our two 600 square foot studios. One studio can be warmed to 85 degrees for yoga in a near-tropical, but not overly hot, setting. We will have classes for both beginners and experienced practitioners as well as classes specifically geared to kids, seniors, and families.


In our cafe and juice bar, we will offer delicious coffees and teas and the Four S’s: healthy Soups, Salads, Sandwiches and Snacks. We will also feature the fresh pressed juices and smoothies of Senzu Juicery. I know you will love Senzu’s delicious Energy blend of carrot, fuji apple, orange, lemon, ginger, and goji berry to help boost your energy and enhance your immune system!

At Ease, you’ll discover that 1 + 1 = 3! Imagine having a great yoga class that stretches your body, mind, and spirit and following that up with a delicious juice, smoothie or salad that nourishes and replenishes you. Or, picture meeting with friends for a noontime class and then sticking around for some good conversation and great food on our beautiful outdoor patio. At Ease, we believe Yoga + Healthy Eating gives us more than just yoga and healthy eating. It gives us a Healthy Community.

By now, we hope you are eager to give Ease a try. We are opening our doors in Spring, 2015. Stay tuned to this space and we will let you know the exact date of our Grand Opening. In the meantime, may all your dreams come to fruition!

We are thrilled to keep you in the loop on studio updates. If you’d like to continue following us along on this journey, be sure to Like us on Facebook for consistent updates and educational information.

Namaste, Tara

3051 Mount Vernon Avenue, Alexandria, VA 22305, USA