Meet the Team

Founder/Owner + Yoga Instructor
Tara Casagrande, Owner + Fitness Instructor

TARA CASAGRANDE - Owner + Yoga Instructor

Founder/owner of Ease Yoga & Cafe, Tara is a graduate of the renowned Nosara Yoga Institute, on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. Read more about Tara and the story of Ease.

Yoga Instructor
Kat Buechel, Yoga Instructor

KAT BUECHEL - Yoga Instructor

I returned to my mat after working on Capitol Hill and finding a need to reduce stress. I have studied numerous disciplines and styles and find joy in movement through dharma-inspired classes. My inspiration is seeing my students grow, learn, and practice with joy.

My specialty is working with athletes and I'm known for detailed alignment, playful sequencing, and a sweaty practice that will leave you with a smile. I've seen how athletes of every type can grow and become stronger both mentally and physically for their lives off the mat. Yoga is not just a way to relax or get fit; I see it as a way to help balance a healthy life. Kat holds an E-RYT200/RYT 500 through Yoga Alliance and trained at Tranquil Space.

Manager of Continuing Education and Retreats + Yoga Instructor
Bernie Marchand, Yoga Instructor

BERNIE MARCHAND - Manager of Continuing Education and Retreats + Yoga Instructor

Bernie is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher committed to the transformative power of yoga. She has taught over 2,000 students at 10 different studios across the U.S. and is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Yoga Therapy at the Maryland University of Integrative Health. Her classes focus on safe and mindful movement, strong breath work and restorative mediation. Her instruction will leave you feeling open physically, tranquil mentally and evolved spiritually.

Yoga Instructor
Delia Sullivan, Yoga Instructor

DELIA SULLIVAN - Yoga Instructor

Delia has been teaching for yoga for 10 years and practicing yoga for 15+ years. When she experienced the physical and emotional challenges of breast cancer in 2013 she relied on her home practice, Gentle and Restorative classes during her recovery process. She is passionate about sharing yoga as a tool to expand ones life and encourage health, wellness, and creativity one pose at a time! She creates a light-hearted environment in which students explore a mindful practice, physical challenges, and compassion through self-acceptance. In addition to teaching yoga, Delia is a photographer specializing in children & family portraits, art and travel photography.

Yoga Instructor
Ashley Alker, Yoga Instructor

ASHLEY ALKER - Yoga Instructor

Ashley found yoga as a safe place for her body. As a fast-pitch softball player since the age of 10, her body craved a less physically demanding activity. She quickly fell in love with yoga. After only a few years of practicing, she decided to enter into yoga teacher training at Mind the Mat in Alexandria, VA where she received her RYT 200 and is now a registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance. As a teacher, she wants her students to appreciate the body they inhabit. Ashley’s practice consists of Vinyasa style yoga that focuses on the fundamentals of each pose, and she believes the breath is the foundation of every movement. She likes to give her students options during their practice to suit their needs. As she has learned from a wise teacher, “it’s yoga practice, not yoga perfect.”

Yoga Instructor
Kevin Castillo, Yoga Instructor

KEVIN CASTILLO - Yoga Instructor

Kevin's first yoga class was everything he thought it would be: deep breathing, stretching, and realizing how stiff he really was. What surprised him though, was that he enjoyed coming back, day after day, week after week. Yoga became not only physical, lengthening and strengthening the body, but also helped to bring peace, clarity, and ease with each step on the mat. Throughout the years, Kevin fell in love with the practice of yoga and all of the benefits he discovered through it. He realized that yoga required so much patience and concentration, that it wasn't all about muscling through, something he was so used to doing. He found that through the practice of yoga, he was able to intertwine the breathing, movement, and patience from yoga, into work, family, and relationships; "Who you are on the mat is who you are off the mat".

Yoga Instructor
COLLEEN O'MALLEY, Yoga Instructor

COLLEEN O'MALLEY - Yoga Instructor

Colleen teaches Power and Vinyasa Yoga focusing on strength, breath awareness, and mindful movement. She also teaches Yin Yoga, a mindful practice that targets the deep connective tissue in the body.

Studio Manager + Yoga Instructor
Becky Sutton, Yoga Instructor

BECKY SUTTON - Studio Manager + Yoga Instructor

Becky is a 2011 graduate of the Nosara Yoga Institute in Costa Rica. Her yoga has been influenced by many teachers, by her travels, and by becoming a mom. Many years of studying Homeopathy and energy work have given her a deep appreciation of the mind-body connection, and she therefore finds yoga (in many varieties) to be a deeply meditative practice. Becky is also the studio manager here at Ease, and she is honored to contribute to the growth of this amazing community.

Yoga Instructor
Shelley Arthur, Yoga Instructor

SHELLEY ARTHUR - Yoga Instructor

Shelley didn’t start practicing yoga until her mid-50s. After practicing for only a short time, she started to feel the benefits of increased overall health, a profound sense of mental and emotional balance, a greater sense of well-being and greater patience. “They need to teach this to children in Kindergarten” was her immediate thought. In 2007, Shelley began teaching and writing imaginative yoga lesson plans for children. Her lesson plans are playful and designed to “plant seeds” for ethical ideas and to encourage children to make good choices and think in a joyful, positive manner. She completed the Radiant Child Yoga Program Levels 1, 2 and 3. In 2011, she completed the Radiant Child Yoga 200 Hour Yoga Certification Training. In 2013 she wrote 16 lesson plans for renowned yoga teacher, Shakta Kaur Khalsa to use in her Children’s Teacher Trainings around the world.

Personal Trainer
Brandon Dunston, Yoga Instructor

BRANDON DUNSTON - Personal Trainer

Brandon follows mostly vegan diet, and is passionate about helping others build a stronger mind, body, and spirit through proper nutrition and physical exercise. He has worked with clients to achieve their fitness goals, including building strength, losing weight, gaining muscle mass, increasing muscle tone & definition, improving health vitals (cholesterol, resting heart rate, etc), and rehabbing injuries. He enjoys focusing on strength training, building muscle mass, improving functional mobility & posture, and improving athletic performance.

Yoga Instructor
Jeneen Piccuirro, Yoga Instructor

Jeneen Piccuirro - Yoga Instructor

Jeneen has been teaching yoga and dance for over 15 years and also teaches art and meditation through the the DC area. She has multiple trainings in Sri Yoga, prenatal yoga, children’s yoga, pranayama, tantric dance and experience in ashtanga yoga, integral yoga, jivamukti yoga, synergy yoga and synergy dance. She has been studying with a sound healer and integrating sound tools into her various classes for the last 5 years. For more information visit:

Yoga Instructor
Michelle Volberg, Yoga Instructor

MICHELLE VOLBERG - Yoga Instructor

Michelle is a graduate of Nosara Yoga Institute, and teaches yin yoga, flow yoga, gentle yoga, and meditation. Michelle’s classes tap into the tempo and energy of the students, inviting them to tune in and discover their present state and all their inner resources. She provides students with a solid foundation to explore yoga as a creative practice that allows them to strengthen, unwind, and open up to their highest self.

Yoga Instructor
Carol Beck, Yoga Instructor

CAROL BECK - Yoga Instructor

In 2015, I got sick and, eventually, when my immune system had enough, I had to leave behind competitive sports where I'd found all my value and worth from doing. I walked into a free class at Ease because my body would at least let me do yoga, and instead of the stretching and tricks I had been chasing early in my yoga practice, I found stillness, grace and ease. I found myself and that who I am is enough. I love that yoga gives people back to themselves, and that journey to enough without "doing" has brought so much healing to me - body, mind & spirit.

My additional training includes: RYT-200, 100-hour Foundations of Aromatherapy Certificate and 90-hour Ayurveda 101 Yoga Journal Continuing Education program.

Yoga Instructor
Ellen Kangas, Yoga Instructor

ELLEN KANGAS - Yoga Instructor

Ellen received her training at Ishta Yoga, the Integral School of Tantric Arts, in Johannesburg, South Africa. She has been teaching yoga for over 10 years. Ellen’s classes are based on the chakra system, which allows her to bring a unique and specific focus to each class.

Yoga Instructor
Miriam Radakovich, Yoga Instructor


A recent escapee from the corporate world, Miriam first came to yoga many years ago and has personally experienced the healing power of a regular practice. She believes absolutely that yoga is for everyone and that no one is too old, too out-of-shape, or too “broken” to start. In her classes, she emphasizes the practicality and fun of yoga and encourages students to explore and discover new possibilities.

Studio Coordinator + Yoga Instructor
Beth Wolfe, Studio Coordinator + Yoga Instructor

Beth Wolfe - Studio Coordinator + Yoga Instructor

Beth, E-RYT 200, specializes in working with private clients and small groups, and holds a certification in trauma informed yoga, a technique that assists is alleviating the symptoms of PTSD. Her group classes incorporate mindfulness, breath work, and thoughtful yoga sequences, and she takes care to meet each student at their own level. Beth also hosts a variety of unique yoga experiences in the DC metro area, including goat, kitten, and puppy yoga.