New to Ease?

Such a great experience!!!! I am brand new to yoga, but since this studio is so close to my house… I decided to give it a try & wow! The owner was such a beautiful person inside and out! I felt very welcome. I was nervous because I haven’t worked out in YEARS. I don’t have a “yoga” body. I was pleased to see I wasn’t alone in the beginners class. All different shapes and sizes. Everyone was so welcoming that I felt immediately comfortable. I’ll be coming back for sure!
— Noelani A.

Are you yoga-curious?

Ease is a wonderful place for your first yoga experience. With no more than 15 to 20 students per class, our experienced Ease yoga teachers will offer each student the assistance, support, and encouragement needed to feel comfortable and confident.

Our Ease Fundamentals class are specifically tailored to beginner students and are designed to introduce new students to yoga postures, safe ways to move, and modifications to make the practice of yoga accessible to everyone.

We welcome you to our non-competitive environment and can’t wait to see you.

What to Bring

Here are the things you should bring with you to get the most from your Ease Class.

  • Yoga Mat. If you don’t have one, you can borrow one from Ease.
  • Reusable Water Bottle. You can fill it at our water bottle refilling station with free, filtered, chilled water.
  • Comfy clothing. Wear clothes that allow you to move easily. If coming to our Warm Yoga class, remember that it will be 85 degrees in the room so dress appropriately.
  • A towel. You can use it to wipe yourself down if you get sweaty or to wipe your mat off after class.
  • Don’t start class on a full stomach. Make sure you are well-nourished but not overly full. If you are hungry, you can grab a delicious smoothie or healthy treat in our cafe after class.

Studio Etiquette

At Ease, we want everyone to have a fun, peaceful, and rejuvenating experience. Here’s how you can help!

  • Please remove your footwear–shoes, boots, sandals, fuzzy silppers!–before coming into the studio. You can store them in our free cubbies.
  • Please turn off your cell phone completely in the studio. Please don’t even let it buzz or vibrate.
  • Please arrive 10 to 15 minutes before class so you can set up your mat and get “in the mood.” Latecomers, even quiet ones, interrupt the class experience.
  • Sign in with our front desk before you come into the studio. A teacher can guide you through the process if you need help.
  • Please observe silence in the studio except when your teacher invites you to talk. This is everyone’s chance to take a break from the noise of the day.
  • Please stay in the studio for the entire class, including the very peaceful final resting pose of Savasana.
  • Please take time after class to chat with the teacher and classmates in our reception area or cafe.

We hope you will enjoy, relax, and have fun!